Antico Casale Italian Tradition

The love and passion of three Italian cousins for their origins and traditions, combined with the ” North American dream ” that they had since childhood, has led to the creation of the brand Casa Vinicio.

Like every Sunday, at Vinicio’s house, their beloved Grandmother screamed: “boys wake up or rauu’ is pappuliann” (the ragu is simmering).
The scents, the sense of belonging and love for family, has guided them in recreating those authentic flavors, followed by the strong desire to share wonderful memories with their customers overseas.

It is based on this foundation that Gaetano, Gerard and Antonio founded their company, by creating products that retell the story of family, friends, and the authentic and traditional Italian experience with food.
Their brand goes beyond simply product; it is an invitation to share into the tastes and traditions of Italian food one meal at a time, which with the commitment and dedication of our Partners around the World, arrives daily into your homes.

With joy, we welcome you to our table.