Product Lines

We produce and import 7 different brand lines to North America. This includes full line of: artisan  pasta, canned tomatoes, canned beans, olive oils, coffee-espresso, vinegar, flour, Buffalo mozzarella and water


Orders Shipped Daily

We ship hundreds of containers annually for our customers all over North America


Different Customers

We team with high profile foodservice and retail distributors


Years of Experience

Antico Casale USA has been providing premium quality products and brands for the past 9 years


Who we are?

Antico Casale Usa LLC was born from an idea to better service the North American market through direct representation of Italian food manufacturers, without the use of Italian brokers. The objective is to provide a direct price with excellent service to importers, distributors,  retailers and importers. This allows a continuous assistance by its North American offices to interact directly with the production in Italy and enable solutions for every productive, logistical, qualitative and financial aspect. It is for these reasons that Antico Casale Usa has had great success with significant increase, year after year, in its sales.

Del.Nas. s.n.c. Quality Assurance, closely affiliated with Antico Casale USA, has been called upon to oversee every aspect of the production process with its partnered Italian manufacturing facilities from the selection of raw materials to monitoring the production chain, packaging and regulations.

This process has enabled Antico Casale to become recognized as a supplier of premium quality foods in such a short period of time, ensuringquality and consistency for both the labels of their own factories and also for Private label of its North American Clients

Why we Do it?

Generations of knowledge and experience combine with the love and passion of the Italian tradition, have motivated us to effectively and efficiently share these traditions through a streamlined process from raw materials to the finished product you find on your supermarket shelves and dinner plates in restaurants all over the world.

Our Mission

Our Mission is to continue to manufacture in Italy and promote, in the United States and in the rest of the world, the authentic ‘Made In Italy’. Only in this way we can guarantee that the Italian Flavors and traditions are on dinner tables in The United States of America and in the rest of the world.

Our Brands

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